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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thunder Struck

Oh, sweet Jesus. The Cubs have apparently finally decided to send Matt Murton packing. To the Rangers, you might think. Or the Orioles. The Padres? Oh, no. No no no, think again. The Cubs have apparently decided to send Thunder Matt down to the Iowa Cubs. This is a waste of talent as next to Fukudome, Murton is probably the most patient hitter on the Cubs roster. Not to mention that he's been mashing all spring. Granted, he looks about as comfortable in the outfield as George Bush at a gay wedding, but he's not the worst fielder the Cubs have ever had. With the arrival of Reed Johnson, I was sure that the Cubs would punch Murton's ticket, but I didn't anticipate that they'd send the kid back to AAA ball. Come on Mr. Hendry, you can't tell me there isn't a major league ballclub who could use the services of a certain Ginger outfielder who gets on base on a regular basis. Murton's style of play has always been anathema to the Cub method of hitting, which in recent years seems to be "swing first and swing often".

Murton has proven he can hit at the big league level. To send him down now can only stunt his development. Hopefully, his confidence won't be affected by this dipshit move and he can continue to put up good numbers, until he can find a major league team that actually gives a crap about that sort of thing.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gee Jay, We're Sorry

Poor Jay Marriotti. Apparently Cub fans (and blogs), have been giving Jay a hard time. His latest article is a regular whinefest. Marriotti lists a bunch of stuff Cub fans have supposedly said and counters with his own prickly assurances that they are wrong. I'm sort of confused as to why he even bothered to write this tripe. Isn't he the sports writer, the one who gets paid to put words on his processor? Since when does he give a shit what the common man (or blogger) has to say? I don't agree with all the pie in the sky hopes for this season either, but I'm not ready to count the Cubs out before the first pitch is thrown. Marriotti asserts that he believes the Cubs will win the division, but lose in the playoffs once again. He asserts that Wood will have an arm injury by May 1st. He also says Cub fans need to "get a life one of these centuries". Apparently some of the web criticisms have hit home for the King of Schlock. Perhaps he needs to write better articles rather than worrying about what the blogs are saying about him. This article reeks of unprofessionalism and childishness. As for me, it's too bad I already assigned the ShitMissile of the Week honors to Jose Canseco. Congratulations Jay, you're first runner up.

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DoucheNugget of the Week: Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco is the first official DoucheNugget of the Week here at The Shooter's Lounge. Jose, you seriously need to shut the hell up. You got your extra 15 minutes with the first book. Now all of a sudden, you introduced A-Rod to steroids AND he tried to bang your wife? What, that wasn't good enough for the first book? Like if you had something on the best player in the game, you wouldn't have blabbed it before now. Come on, Jose-just go back to the independent leagues. Or better still, just retire and fade away. Please? For the good of the game? Even John Rocker won't hang out with you.

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Hello Reed Johnson, So Long Matt Murton?

Yesterday, the Cubs signed Reed Johnson, who was released by the Blue Jays. Not a bad signing in my opinion, as the guy crushes lefties. He'll make a nice backup to Felix Pie. Unfortunately, this pretty much spells doom for Matt Murton's run with the Cubs. It's a pity as Thunder Matt will make a nice everyday outfielder or DH for another major league club. I'd love to say that we keep him, but the roster is cluttered enough, and the kid deserves the chance to play every day. Still, this sucks ass. Murton really deserved more of a chance with us then he got.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Not that anyone will give a shit, but here's another Cubs blog. Welcome to the Shooter's Lounge, dedicated to the memory of Rod Beck, number 47. The Shooter was a Cub to the end, going so far as to be buried in the pinstripes. We here at the Lounge salute you, Rod. I hope you're mowing them down up in heaven.

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