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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

85-54: Don't Worry, I'll Leave the Light On . . .

Well kids, the Cubs have dropped four straight. We're officially in the worst losing skid of the year. Now I'm sure all the ledgies and bandwagoneers out there are freaking out, but take heart, oh followers of the Cursed Lost Baseball Tribe, this too shall pass. Captain Walker's out there and he's bringing the children of Cubdom home. It was inevitable that the Cubs would go on a losing streak. That they chose to go on one while the Republican Convention is going on is the only thing that depresses me. I have my own personal Slumpbuster planned for the evening, however. I'm simply not going to watch. Or listen. Or even acknowledge that there's a team on the Northside this evening. It's worked before and hopefully it'll work again. On the plus side, the Sausage Slingers haven't been able to gain any ground, so things remain status quo in the Central.

In other news, I've been offered a chance to join the fine folks over at Thunder Matt's Saloon. What does that mean for the Lounge? Well, it's not going anywhere, although you may not see the same level of activity. The Soto-Rooter will continue to get updated and the martini light will remain on. I hope you'll look for my posts there and stop by and hoist a few Coors' Lights here from time to time. It's been real . . .

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