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Friday, August 15, 2008

74-47: Stay Classy Atlanta

The Cubs completed a three game sweep of the Braves by bitchslapping Tom Glavine around like a little girl on Thursday, scoring 7 runs off the future HOFer in 4 innings. Ted "The Killer" Lilly gave up 4 runs, but struck out 8 and nailed one whiny little bitch of a shortstop in the arm. This prompted the benches to clear, despite the fact that a Braves pitcher had thrown near Soriano's head in the previous game and broken his hand in the earlier series at Wrigley.

Now normally, I don't go in for the beanball nonsense. The Cubs took the high road in the Brewers series earlier and refused to be baited into a childish pissing match. I applauded them for being the more mature team and not getting distracted from playing the game. The Braves are a different story. The animosity here dates back to last season, when Alfonso knocked three homers in a single game. The next day he caught one in the ribs. Ted Lilly retaliated in that series, drilling Edgar Renteria, and was tossed before warnings were even issued, which was complete crap. It should have ended there, but of course it didn't. Renteria felt the need to go after Mike Fontenot, chopping Mike on the neck when he stole second and went in hard. Apparently, Atlanta feels that the score wasn't evened up, which I can't understand at all. Soriano=Renteria, plus we let you smack our 2nd baseman, and Lilly was tossed, whereas Hudson wasn't despite nailing Soriano. If anyone should feel slighted, it's the Cubs.

In 2008, the Braves came to Wrigley and they broke Soriano's hand with a tight pitch. Now he gets buzzed near the dome after continuing to offensively punish Atlanta. What a childish bunch of crap. Frankly, I expected better from a Bobby Cox managed team. Ted Lilly manned up and nailed Yunel Escobar, who should be directing his complaints to either Francisley Bueno, who was the one who threw near 'fonso's head or to his manager for allowing this bullshit to continue. At least Lilly wasn't tossed last night like he was last season. I'd also advise Escobar not to screw with Ted Lilly. The Ted Lilly Fan Club sums it up best here.

I'd like to think this is all over and done with, but the Braves can't seem to let this go. You know, if Alfonso Soriano is beating the crap out of you, maybe you should blame your pitching before you throw at the man. You could always walk him for crissake. I guess what irritates me the most is that the Braves have the gall to be pissed off when the Cubs retaliate. If you're gonna stir the shit, don't be surprised when some splashes back on you. 6-0 motherfuckers. See you next year.

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