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Monday, June 30, 2008

49-33: Ugh

What a lousy weekend for baseball. I feel like I've been punched in the junk. After the previous week's sweeping of the Pale Hosers, they returned the favor by sweeping the Cubs out of the Cell. Christ, is interleague play finally over? I really hate playing the AL, not because the AL is so much better than the NL, but just because I've never liked the idea of interleague play at all and in fact dislike the American League rules. I really loathe the DH and believe such an abomination should never have been allowed to come to pass. I think pitchers should hit and anyone who hits should play the field. I'm looking at you Big Papi and Travis Hafner. Oh, sure, it elongates a few careers and I'm sure the Player's Union would cry like a buncha pussies were the rule ever changed, but I still think it's a stupid rule. You put nine players on the field, those nine guys should hit. What's next, softball shit, where you can pinchrun for a player and then put the original player back in? Come on.

Anyway, what a lousy series. The boys looked a little lackluster and the Sox were just better. They really pitched well to Aramis, especially after he made them his bitch the previous weekend. Oh well. Still in first, still best record in the bigs. Zambrano's coming back, Soriano's on the mend, and maybe, just maybe, God willing, C.C. Sabathia might be a Cub this year. Keep your heads up, kids. The Giants come to town, bringing Barry Zito and his enormous contract ERA with him. After dropping the last couple of series, it's good to see an NL West team coming to town.

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