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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

50-34: Adam Raised a Cain

Damn, that was a brutal game last night. Matt Cain was very sharp and only needed 2 runs to beat the Cubs last night. Nobody looked very good against Cain, who appeared to grow stronger as the night wore on. The only run the boys were able to squeeze out came against former Beach Boy Brian Wilson, who struck a flu-dazed Riot out to finish off the save. Not good, especially considering the Cubs still have to face Tiny Tim Lincecum tomorrow night. Hopefully, we'll be able to tee off on Kevin Correia tonight, but since the Cubs have probably never seen this dude before, that prospect seems unlikely. At least we have the Canadian Comedian going tonight in what will hopefully be a bounceback performance from the Crosstown Catastrophe last Friday.

The good news is that the man, the legend Reed Johnson and his emo beard will be back tomorrow and El Toro Loco returns Friday against the hated Cardinals. Will he be any good? Christ, I hope so.

Monday night's game against Barry Zito was a laugher that the Cubs desperately needed after the egg they laid at the Cell. Thanks Barry, your check is in the mail. Mark DeRosa continues to be one of the most underrated signings the Cubs made in the offseason last year. I had him on my fantasy team when he was a Ranger in '06, but even I was surprised that he's been able to string together this many good seasons. Plus he excels at multiple positions, which seems to titillate the ladies. I'm sure his wife was less than amused by the video of him cannoodling with cute country crooner Juliana Hough. Long as you keep it in your pants, big boy!

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