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Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Hank Mobley Day!

In addition to being a Cubs fan, the Poet is also a huge jazz fan, specifically the genre known as hard bop. My favorite jazz musician of all time is tenor sax player Hank Mobley. He was born July 7th, 1930 and died May 30th, 1986. He was labeled "the middleweight champ of the tenor saxophone" and never really got his due while he was alive, despite a tenure with Miles Davis. Mobley boasts an incredible tone on the saxophone, very warm and fully rounded. His ear for melody was second to none. Check out albums such as : Roll Call, Soul Station, No Room for Squares, and Miles Davis: In Person Friday & Saturday Nights at The Blackhawk Complete. If you love music, you won't be disappointed.

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