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Friday, July 11, 2008

Mustache Rides Pt. 2

I'm back bitches! The Mustache has been pounding them back with the the Closer Beard and the new guy, Chad Gaudin's sweet Neck Beard. Just hanging out, checking out some tail, exchanging grooming tips. The Closer Beard got the save today. I remember when I used to pitch hungover. Guh. Never again. Since I'm on an out and out campaign to offend someone, here's another episode of Mustache Rides. This week's entry: Keira Knightley. Sweet Jesus, this lil gal is fine. Ordinarily, the Mustache likes a little more meat on the bone, but for Keira, he's willing to make an exception. For your viewing pleasure:

Disclaimer: The Mustache's viewpoints are not necessarily those of The Shooter's Lounge. If you're offended by anything The Mustache says, please remember you're taking umbrage at fiction generated by an equally fictitious strip of talking hair.-LoserPoet

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