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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

23-15: The Curly Shuffle

I was watching the press conference after the game last night and was struck by Carlos's resemblance to the late Curly Howard. Zambrano was relaxed and funny last night, coming off the Cubs 12-3 pasting of the Friars, who suddenly find themselves in dire straits. I'd love to find a full on face pick of the stubble-headed El Toro Loco to compare, but this'll have to do.

One thing's for sure: the way Carlos is pitching is no laughing matter. This guy has really taken it to the next level this year. He looks great and helps his own cause at the plate. After a bumpy road trip, the boys in blue have picked it back up again, sweeping the D-Backs and taking the first game from San Diego easily. Whipping boy Alfonso Soriano seems to have found his stroke over the past few days, playing a key role in the Cubs' victories. Darryl Ward has come on strong as a pinch hitter the past few days as well, making solid contributions from the bench. The team seems to be firing on all cylinders once again, although it'd be nice to see them play this way on the road. Still, that's a minor complaint and the season is still early. With the bullpen issues some of our rivals are struggling with, the Cubs need to take the opportunity to gain some ground while things are unsettled. I had a blast watching the game last night and hope for more of the same all week.

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