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Thursday, May 29, 2008

32-21: Coming Through in the Clutch

Continuing their home field dominance, the Cubs swept the Dodgers last night. The Cubs waited until the 9th to score their first run, but an erratic frame by closer Takashi Saito opened the door for the Cubs to send the game to extra innings, where Alfonso Soriano drove in the winning run. Much has been made of Soriano's bad defense in recent days, so it's nice to see the guy come through with his bat in the clutch. Cubs' brass has sent extra security goons to the bleachers to ensure the 136 million dollar man doesn't get booed or criticized too harshly. I'm sure Soriano had nothing to do with that, but it's a little annoying nonetheless. If the fans want to be critical, that's their right as ticket payers. But that's all really irrelevant anyway. The important thing is the Cubs are in first place and they won three very close games. Now if only this team can figure out how to translate their formula for success to the road, they might just be unstoppable.

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