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Thursday, May 1, 2008

17-10: Soto's Revenge

The Cubs broke out the whipping stick last night, clobbering the Brewers 19-5. Top dog in the game was our very own Soto-Rooter, who blasted two 3 run homers before being removed for Henry Blanco. All of the Cubs save Felix Pie had pretty good days at the plate and Ryan Dempster notched another win in his quest to gain some respect from Bad Kermit over at HireJimEssian.com. Due to the bullshit MLB blackout rules, I was forced to listen to the game on the radio as opposed to watching it on ESPN. Fucking WCIU. This would be the game where Geo goes yard twice, wouldn't it? Ah well, listening to Pat and Ron get all excited about the young catcher was good enough. Later in the game, when most of the regulars were out and the Cubs were cruising, Pat told a great story that I would have missed had I been watching the game on the Eastern Sports Network, so it ended up being worth it.

Apparently when he was 11 or so, Pat and a buddy snuck into the Cubs clubhouse at Candlestick and got to hang out with Ronnie's boys for a few minutes. He said they were all over Billy Williams with questions and Billy was really cool about it. Great story. Pat Hughes has to be one of the most underappreciated announcers in baseball. Plus he has to work with Ronnie, who is a lovely human being and Hall of Famer, but a complete trainwreck as an announcer. Yet Pat keeps him steadily on course.

So we've got the rubber game of the set coming up today and hopefully the bats still have some runs left in them after the offensive explosion yesterday. Starting Friday, the Cardinals are in town and holy crap, games in May that are meaningful for both teams! The Cubs had an amazing April and here's hoping the rest of the season is just as memorable.

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