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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

16-10: Cameron's Curse

Tough loss last night to the Sausage Slingin’ Brewers. Mike Cameron came back and punched the Cubs right in the nuts. Ben Sheets wasn’t very good, but neither was Marquis. The Cubs had a hard time scoring late and Eric Gagne was able to wiggle off the hook the Cubs snared him on in the 9th. The Cubs move into a tie for first with the surging Cardinals, who continue to win with guys on their pitching staff left for dead by other organizations. I have to give cred to Dave Duncan, who continually seems to be able to weave shit into gold. Why couldn’t Walt Jockety have taken his ass along when he left St. Louis? Why can’t we get this guy to come to Chicago?

Meanwhile, the Cubs have dropped four of their last five, just as I was beginning to get used to the whole winning thing. Ah, well. Even with a possible loss tonight, the Cubs will take a winning record out of April, a much better situation to be in then the miserable funky suckiness that was last April. So I’m putting my blue Kool-Aid back in the fridge, keeping it chilled, just in case May turns out to be just as tasty as April.

Geovany Soto was back last night, after a miserable series in DC. The Soto Rooter has been updated accordingly. Hopefully those home run totals will start to rise as the season progresses. Ryan Dempster takes on Jeff Suppan tonight. The game’s on WCIU, so I’ll have to try and catch it on the radio.

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