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Monday, April 21, 2008

12-6 or Holy Shit, We're in 1st Place

Wow, that was quick. It's April and the Chicago Cubs are in 1st place. I know it's early, and I know we're a mere half game up, but I'm still shocked and awed by how well this team has started off. Last year, I was wondering just what the hell these bozos were doing and this year, everything seems to be clicking with the exception of our left-handed pitching. What's really impressive is that the Cubs are 6-0 against the Pirates. Ordinarily, the Cubs tend to struggle against teams that they should easily be able to take a series from, teams like Pittsburgh, who have been a royal pain in the butt the past couple of seasons. Suddenly the Cubs look good. Shocking.

Now I don't know if Reed Johnson is gonna keep putting up a .300 plus batting average. I don't know if ClownBoy is going to keep pitching well in the rotation. Jason Marquis's second half swoon is still on the horizon. Rich Hill is still a question mark and Ted Lilly hasn't thrown a good game all year to this point. Ryan Theriot could hit a little better. Ronny Cedeno still scares the fuck out of me. But . . .

El Toro Loco has turned into Z-Money. Derrek Lee took a time machine trip back to 2005 before DUI Furcal ran into his arm, ruining a season and a half of hitting from our big 1st baseman. Even if it's only temporary, Reed Johnson is easily outhitting Felix Pie and playing solid D. Carlos Marmol is still sick. Woody looks damn good as a closer. Kosuke Fukudome is an on-base machine, as advertised and he's the best fielding RF the Cubs have had in my lifetime (Not that his predecessors provided much competition for that title). DeRosa keeps proving his 06 and 07 batting stats weren't a fluke and he's solid as a rock in the field, no matter what position he's playing. Geovany Soto is picking up where he left off at the end of 07. And Matt Murton is back in the majors where he belongs. Aramis Ramirez is warming up with the weather.

Is it all a mirage? Can we really win back to back division titles? I know it's early, but we've got depth this year. The Cubs seem hungrier than ever before and they're showing it on the field. The swagger Lou wanted seems to be there. This just feels weird, kids. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but part of me is starting to wonder What if it doesn't? I know it's April. I know it's just half a game. But suddenly I feel the possibility. Dare I say it, I'm starting to feel confidence and pride in this team. Scary.

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Chip Wesley said...

What the hell is A-Ram pointing at?

LoserPoet said...

Well, Chip, I believe he's pointing at his junk. Why exactly he's showing Hank White is somewhat beyond me.

They're doing a fun photoshop of this pic over at Hire Jim Essian.