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Friday, April 4, 2008


Crap. So much for the first winning streak of 2008. At least the bats seem to be warming up a bit. Is it too early to say that Fukudome is an absolute beast? I think I'm turning Japanese over here. I really think so. If you get that reference you're as old-and as lame-as I am. Soto seems to be shaking off the early rust as well, impressive given that he has to master the pitching staff and play the most challenging position on the field. I think he's gonna be a good one. Once Lou gets the lineup ironed out and everybody swings into season form, we're gonna look pretty good. It'll be nice to string some consecutive wins together here in the first month, God willing. No panicking allowed here. Would The Shooter panic? Hell no, kids. He'd stroke his mustache, suck down a post game beer, and come back the next day. 158 games left to go. See ya Monday, suckers.

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