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Monday, April 28, 2008


Wow, what a weekend. Just when you get ready to drink the blue Kool-Aid and believe, the Nationals take the wind out of our sails. Wow. Losing Game 1 of the series was pretty tough. That homerun by catcher Nieves was Vladimir-esque. The game Saturday was brilliant, with some excellent mound work from El Toro Loco. Game 3 the Cubs ran into John Lannan, who's quietly having himself a helluva year. Still, there was no real reason the Cubs shouldn't have taken 2 of 3 from the Nationals. Wouldn't you know the Cubs would hand the Nats their first series win in their new ballpark. I'm sure that'll be grist for the Marrottis of the world who seem to live for when the Cubs fuck up in some sort of historical sense. I can already hear him urging Jim Hendry to trade for a "real" catcher, preferably a veteran. No thanks.

All is not lost, though. The Cubs remain a 1/2 game in front of the Cardinals, who got into a little hissy-hissy fit with the Astros over the weekend.

The Cubs are off today, hopefully giving Geo Soto a little time to take some batting practice. The Soto Rooter had a particularly tough series at the plate, but his catching more than made up for it. You still the man, Geo. Lay off some of those breaking balls and things will get better, amigo. The Cubs welcome the Brewers to town tomorrow for a three game affair before heading off to St. Louis. Nobody stand too close to Albert Pujols. He's sensitive.

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