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Monday, April 14, 2008

7-5: Avoiding the Sweep

Is there anything Carlos Zambrano can’t do? He’s our ace, the man with the million dollar arm and fiery temper. He can pitch left handed, switch hit, play shortstop and first base, and he’s a helluva soccer player. If El Toro Loco were a research scientist looking for a cure for cancer, cancer would have no chance. Yesterday, he busted his Venezulan ass down the line, staying out of the double play, and gave the Cubs the win, aided by a throwing error from Chase Utley. Unfortunately, I missed it, but I’m sure it was spectacular. Too bad Carlos can’t pitch every day, or at least play shortstop on the days he doesn’t pitch. He’s crazy enough to do it. This is the cat who’d like to play winter ball as a DH. I half expect him to switch pitching arms in the middle of an at bat, just to fuck with opposing hitters. Is that even legal? Would it matter?

Let’s review what we know so far. Zambrano is money. Dempster has been really good and that scares me. Can it last all year? We better hope so, because Ted Lilly, Rich Hill, and Jason Marquis have all been pretty woeful thus far. TR got rocked for the third straight start, a far cry from the Iceman he was last year. Rich Hill apparently forgot everything he learned in 2007 AND 2006. Maybe he needs a new self-help book. May I suggest Zen & The Art of Throwing Strikes? And Marquis had strep throat, so the jury’s out on him. Meantime, Jon Lieber and Sean Marshall are waiting in the wings for their chance to steal a piece of the rotation. If things continue as is, they won’t have to wait much longer.

In the meantime, Dave Duncan continues to weave shit into gold in St. Louis and the Brewers keep on trucking. I know it’s early, but the rotation is not living up to expectations.

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