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Friday, April 4, 2008


Holy freaking shit. if you'd have told me Ryan Dempster was going to notch the first win of the year, I'd have thought you were crazy. Surprisingly, the Canadian Carrottop pitched pretty well. In other news, Aramis Ramirez remembered how to hit the ball (Thank God. Rami, you were killing me, dude) and mustache-enhanced Kerry Wood tallied his first of many saves to come in a Cub uniform. The Brewers leave with the series win, but at least the Cubs didn't get swept. The Astros come into town for a three game set and the Cubs send Rich "Where's My Curveball?" Hill to the bump to take on Chris "Who the Fuck is That?" Sampson. Scintillating. 159 games to go, kids.

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Chip Wesley said...

Is The Shooter's Lounge just down the street from Thunder Matt's Saloon?

LoserPoet said...

I don't know those guys personally, but I dig their site. I like to think we're one door down, just as crazy, all Cub fans welcome.

LoserPoet said...

Duh, Chip. I completely blanked on the fact that you're one of the bartenders over at TMS. Love your site man and it was one of the inspirations for me to get off my ass and do some of my own blogging.