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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Opening Day or Banzai!

Welcome to the 2008 Season Opener, boys and girls. what did we learn today?

1. Kosuke Fukudome can apparently hit major league pitching. The stud from Japan was 3-3 with a walk in his first official MLB game. I don't think he's gonna bat a thousand the rest of the season, but he introduced himself to Chicago in a big way.

2. Is there anyone else in the game of baseball with as much class as Ernie Banks? Maybe Hank Aaron, who made some nice comments during Ernie's statue unveiling.

3. People are already ignoring Bob Brenly's comments following Kerry Wood's bad outing. People like this guy. Get off the ledges, people, it was one fucking game. There's 161 to go. If Wood posts several bad outings this month, I fully expect Lou to make the change to Marmol, who was simply electric yesterday. Until then, everyone calm the fuck down. In case you missed it, Eric Gagne also blew goats yesterday as well. Somehow I doubt Ned Yost is going to pull HIS plug after one bad game.

4. Carlos Zambrano is money. Z-Money. El Toro Loco pitched like the off season never happened, picking right up where he left off in 07. If Zambrano continues to pitch this good, he'll hit 20 wins this year easily. Plus he looked absolutely filthy.

5. Even the Cubs can't win on Ernie Banks Day. Damn, that sucks. Everyone else can worry about Wood as closer. I choose to worry about the offense picking up where they left off in the playoffs. Granted, they ran into a Ben Sheets who had all his good shit working, but the Theriot/Soriano one-two combination scares me more than Wood as closer.

Still, it was just one game. I refuse to push the panic button after one game. There are 161 of these fuckers left. The division is still wide open. Our Japanese import rocked the house in his debut. Our ace lived up to his status, even if he did leave with forearm cramps. I can't wait for Wednesday. TR's up next and let's hope for clear skies and a Cub victory. Banzai!

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