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Monday, May 19, 2008

27-17: Sweet Home Chicago

Do my eyes deceive me or are the Cubs really 10 games above .500? Wow, what a far cry from the hapless bumblers of last year. The Cubs took 2 of 3 from a resurgent Pirates team over the weekend and now head to Houston to do battle with Lance Berkman and the Astros. The Cubs went 8-2 on the homestand, which was the bast mark since like 1978 or some shit. Now if only we could play this good on the road. In other news, Alfonso Soriano is smoking hot right now, third fiddle to only the aforementioned Berkman and good old Larry Jones of Atlanta. In the meantime, Cub pitching continues to get the job done, including batting cage pitcher Jason Marquis, who notched his second win of the season. If Jason could just pitch against the Pirates every single time, we'd be talking about him for the Cy Young. Since that's not the case, I'll continue to cringe and reach for my blankie on days when he starts. On a better note, the Soto-Rooter continues to pound the baseball. Geo hit another home run against the Pirates as he makes his case for ROY honors. Sean Gallagher made a fantastic start as well, looking sharp against the Buccos. Anyone still wish we had Brian Roberts? I didn't think so.

The only thing that really bothered me was Zambrano's performance. El Toro Loco looked more loco than toro in his last start, the first of the year where he didn't look sharp and more to the point, the first in which he lost his composure. I thought we were done with the whole breaking the bat over body parts thing. It seems so 2007. Carlos, please dude, for the love of Jeebus, don't break bats over your limbs or neck, amigo. That's what the water cooler in the dugout is for man. It would be totally Farnsworthless of you to injure your leg or neck expressing your frustration with batting. And so what if you have a bad at bat? The fans still think you're the Venezuelan Babe Ruth, okay? More important than your at bats is your performance on the mound. Everything else is gravy my friend.

And lastly, a note to Tom Gorzelanny. Dude, we own you this year. You seriously need to talk to your manager about him skipping you the next time you guys play the Cubs. I feel for you. I had you on a fantasy team at one point. Thankfully, not for very long, but I still feel for you. If he won't skip you, I'd suggest barfing up a lung before the game. Maybe walking through a glass door. Falling out of a hot tub. Something.

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