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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

30-21: Road Warriors We Ain't

The Cubs continued their less than inspiring play on the road, dropping 2 of 3 in consecutive series against Houston and Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh losses in particular were of the brutal fashion, both coming in extra innings. Kerry Wood plunked another batter Saturday, blowing the save which opened the door for the Buccos to win it in the 14th. Then Sunday, Carlos Marmol induced the game ending flyout, only to have Alfonso Soriano lose it in the sun. Two innings later, the Cubs were cooked as Jason Bay once again gave the Pirates a walk-off win.

Uncle Lou has got to start putting a defensive replacement in for Soriano in the late innings if the Cubs have a lead. I know how important his bat is, but he can't cost us runs like that. Boston already does this for Manny Ramirez and the Giants used to do it for Barry in his declining years. If Soriano can't catch a simple popup like the one he missed Sunday, then he's a liability in the later innings.

The Cubs did pick up a win against the Dodgers on Memorial Day, but it was back in the Friendly Confines. The boys in blue need to get this road dilemma worked out and fast. This is a very good team, but they're not going to win the division in they can't win away from Chicago.

Geo Soto under .300? Say it ain't so, Soto-Rooter. Hopefully, he'll pick it up today and bring it back up.

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